Adelaide Will Be The First Stop For New Form Of World-Class Sailing

Adelaide observed as first stop for sailing rather new form sailing.

The most prevalent news these days South Australian Royal Yacht Squadron next to Outer Harbor in the month of February will be decided as the prime venue for the hosting sailing event. This is going to the most attention grabbing events as per the reports collected.

At the venue, several different events will take place. One of them is a SuperFoiler Grand Prix, which is going to take place in the month of February from 2nd to 4th as first races over two months all over Australia including ex-winners for Olympians and Cup winners.

Various machines will be broadly compared to World Cricket Series with the motive to alter the criteria for sports by adding some other measure of adrenaline along with the speed with vessels moving above 80 km/h.

Each of the SuperFoiler will have crew consisted of 3 different members and race will have six members. Because of high level machines will be utilized and crew included the team is depicted as Formula1 of sailing. What an exciting experience it will be!

London’s Silver medalist named Olivia Price age 25 will act as skipper in one of the SuperFoilers. He is no more required in the series. In the inclusion of Price, other names appearing in the series include Glenn Ashby, USA’s Cup Winner; Iain Jensen, gold medalist in the Olympics, who will soon teamed up with Nathan Outteridge, London’s gold medalist. The team of gold medalists from different countries has been given a specific name as the Dream team.

This recently established team will change the future of sports by making it more inventive and thrilling sail racing machines globally. These gold medalists will put their hand in the race and will soon bring biggest medals ahead.