Wally Cross About Stadium Sailing

Stadium sailing is a certain category of sailing that is being considered for change.

Wally Cross who is a professional in the world of sail making as well as director of Grosse Pointe Yacht Club points out some action plans that he and others have in mind to bring about changes in stadium sailing. Indeed, this is a format of sailing that is unknown to yacht clubs. Hence, there is an opportunity here which is worth exploring. PSL or premiere sailing league aims at providing boats in different yachting destinations. This business helps to create the stadium like environment that makes sailing, exciting and more alive for the viewers. The regional clubs would have challenges and then move to national levels.

The concept was given a try at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club in Michigan this year in September. About ten boats of the J/70s category were competing in four divisions in Detroit.

Every team had to compete in nine races and they split their time as spectators watched from the shore. The participants as well as the spectators could also have time ashore where they could enjoy grilling and bar facilities as well. Stadium sailing offers several advantages. For instance, it is a form of sailing that is completed within a few hours. People can come with families and friends who can view the sports. As a result, stadium sailing can command more participation and have more people coming in to view the sport. With families having less time to spend with each other, stadium sailing is considered to be a great model to promote sailing events at yacht clubs. Usually it is a competitive event for about four hours or so. Participation can be less than that time span as well. Sailors become actors on water who can then mingle with the spectators on land and explain how they perform on the water and answer questions that people might have.